Dire D

Furlong – Spreading the gospel of Rawk, Punk and Blues.

The four members of Furlong, a sizzling new rock band from Basel and environs, are about as disparate as disparate
can be. 
Viviane, who sings and shouts and generally keeps the rest of the group on track with her strong leadership
and fiery lyrics about displacement, dislocation and the tragedy of forced emigration, spent her formative years in
upstate New York before settling down in Basel, Switzerland. She has been in infamous bands such as the girl-punk outfits
like Gretel and zero2nine and headbanger rock band Ice-9 with Nick.

Platz, who also shouts but mainly plays a searing guitar, is known in Basel for the psychedelic kamikaze rock of his band
Moonrocks as well as for his freewheeling free-lance writing.

Nick, who plays bass, was born in London but found his way to Switzerland, where he joined the Dadaist metal band
Groundloss, the wild and wacky punks from Who Cares and, with Viviane, the singer songwriter duo Rez
while establishing himself as a music critic.

Dire D works the Drums. Yes, Drums with a capital D, since you get the impression of a freight train rolling through your brain when Dire D plays. Born in Basel, still living in Basel. Played with local heroes such as Fil Rouge, The Wild Bunch, Zombiewolf and a lot of others whose names Dire D has forgotten. Still very active with the Bikini Girls. Dire D has never had any drum lessons because he wanted to use the time to play.

So what do these disparate personalities sound like when they come together as Furlong? A bit like Led Zeppelin meeting 
The Runaways and Gang Of Four for a bar brawl, if you must know. That is to say: classic, brash and original.
A mixture you're not likely to encounter anywhere else in modern music.

Furlong got together at the beginning of 2016 to play music that draws on the roots of heavy rock without succumbing to the
genre's many drawbacks, i.e. over-long guitar solos, mindless lyrics and rhythms you can't dance to no matter how loud you crank 
up the music. Furlong seek to be thoughtful, historically savvy and also fun. There isn't a band from Basel you couldn't have a 
better night out with. And that's just through listening to the music. If you're lucky, you'll get a bit of the banter that is also 
part of furlong live. "We don't just play to an audience," Viviane says. "We play with an audience much the way a cat plays 
with a mouse. Join us at your own peril."